About CABA

The Chaldean American Bar Association (“CABA”) is a Special Purpose Bar Association currently comprised of over sixty attorneys and law students dedicated to promoting justice, legal education and community service. CABA seeks to obtain these goals through its indigent legal advisory services, attorney referral directory, needs based scholarships, employment information, and networking opportunities.

CABA was founded as a Special Purpose Bar Association in 1993. Since that time, CABA has brought Chaldean attorneys and law students together. CABA has also been active in a number of community and civic projects. The goals and drive of CABA is to gain a stronger presence for our community and to provide tools and resources to our members so that they may further succeed in their legal practice.

Throughout its history, CABA has built a strong reputation and foundation on its services and activities based on the changing needs of our members and our community. Among our many aforementioned services, CABA is particularly proud of its public service projects, law clinics, committee work, and relationship with the Chaldean community.